GLEA Young Scholar Prize

The German Law and Economics Association awards the annual GLEA Young Scholar Prize for an outstanding contribution from an emerging scholar in the field of law and economics.

Previous Laureates

GLEA 2019 (Hannover): Roee Sarel
GLEA 2018 (Ljubljana): Miriam Buiten

The Prize had been suspended during the pandemic but will again be awarded annually starting in 2024.

Selection criteria

The prize is awarded for the best paper presented by a young scholar at the GLEA annual conference. The association reserves the right to forego the awarding of the prize should submissions not reach the requisite level of excellence. Selection criteria are:

Originality—the extent to which the findings or conclusions introduce new perspectives or insights to the field.
Scholarly merit—the rigor of argumentation and sophistication of writing style.
Analytical proficiency—the capacity to use economics to analyse a legal problem.

In co-authored submissions, the prize may be awarded jointly to all contributors who qualify as young scholars. When senior researchers are involved, the young scholar must have made a significant own contribution to the joint work.

Definition of a young scholar

A young scholars is either currently a doctoral student or has defended their thesis less than 10 years before the conference date and is not a tenured professor. Extensions of the period due to special circumstances (e.g., child care, COVID-19, etc.) will be considered on an individual basis.

Submission guidelines

Aspiring contributors should indicate that they seek to be considered for the prize. They should state their conformity with eligibility equirements. If the paper is joint work with a senior scholar, they need to declare and delineate their own contribution (e.g., in the first footnote or as a comment in the submission process).

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